August 5 2010.

Top Italian engineering company and sponsor of many top-flight World SBK and MotoGP teams, LighTech srl, has really gone to town on BMW's S1000RR, with a programme of over 50 products planned this year.

Lightech's chain adjuster sets have just been released for the S1000RR. Precision engineered from super strong but lightweight Ergal 7075 and 6082 specification aluminium alloy. Ergal is exceptionally strong, with a strength comparable to steel, making for an ideal material for these chain adjusters.

Designed for easy adjustment and  fit, and once fitted, chain adjustment is simply a matter of turning the end adjuster nuts. To make sure adjustment both sides is absolutely spot-on, Lightech has incorporated a 0-40mm gauge each side, and better still, the adjuster knobs have built in detents which click when turned. 100% accurate chain adjustment every time...and better tools required!

Available in a choice of anodised colours - Rosso Red, Solid Black, Indigo Blue, or Gold - all with silver centre bar and stainless steel fittings. And with Ergal having a higher corrosion resistance than other alloys they are made to last.

Price £179.50 inc VAT

Other Lightech items shown in the photo are Aluminium Swing Arm Spools, for use with a rear axle stand, various colour combinations, small head size £16.00 pair, large head size £24.55 pair inc VAT  and Rear axle nut in Ergal 7075, choice of colours at £21.60 inc VAT.

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