January 31 2006.
Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the Global Sources report: China Sourcing Report: Motorcycles 2006 to their offering.
Based on in-person factory tours - including 8 of China's Top 10 motorcycle manufacturers.
Despite a huge drop in the number of manufacturers since our last industry review, China still maintains its leading global position, producing half of the world's motorcycles.
The bulk of exports continue to go to lower-end markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. But many suppliers are now attempting to change China's reputation from a source of inexpensive reproductions to a source of quality models with original designs.
In this updated Motorcycles 2006 China Sourcing Report, you will get a ground-level view of the changes the motorcycle supply industry is going through. Find out how these factors will affect supply, quality and pricing in the next 12 months.
Motorcycles 2006 includes 57 new supplier profiles and 20 updated profiles. It also has comprehensive price guides, sections on R&D and materials sourcing, and a huge product gallery of 295 popular export motorcycles.
What You Will Get
-- Deep profiles of 20 major suppliers that offer details on manufacturing capabilities, quality controls, future development plans and more. Based on personal factory tours and interviews with senior managers, this information is available nowhere else - Profile tables of 57 additional suppliers, with key information such as production capacities, key export markets and main machinery installed
-- A Product Gallery featuring 295 of the most popular motorcycles, with key specifications and full-color pictures
-- The results of our latest supplier survey, summarizing price, product, production and R&D trends for the next 12 months
-- This report covers the following types of motorcycles: street/road bikes, scooter-style motorcycles and off-road/dirt bikes
How You Will Benefit
-- Source from the best suppliers with a review of the top 10 motorcycle manufacturers in China
-- Identify suppliers that make in-demand 250cc bikes -- or higher
-- Find out which companies diversified into ATVs in 2004 and 2005
-- Select the most profitable partner, using production capability comparison tables
-- Identify companies that make engines cost-effectively in-house
-- Profit from a review of the motorcycles industry in Taiwan, where many suppliers are focusing R&D on models with displacements as high as 750cc
Topics Covered
Supplier demographics
Production hub: Chongqing
Products and prices
Materials and components
Supplier survey -- export prices, export sales, major challenges, target markets, capacity
expansion plans, product trends, efficiency, capability
Taiwan Industry overview
Popular export models
Street/road bikes
Off-road/dirt bikes
China continues to lead the global motorcycle industry, turning out 50 percent of the world's entire supply of the product. The country's exports for the 10-month period between January and October 2005 amounted to US$1.4 billion, an impressive 47 percent increase from international shipments in the same period of the previous year. The growth in export volume closely mirrors that of value, slightly exceeding 46 percent in the 10 months to October 2005.
This is in contrast to when we last examined China's motorcycle industry in May 2004. That year, export value rose 30 percent while volume went up at a relatively slower rate of 22 percent.
The main reason behind the higher growth rate of export value is the 7 percent increase in the average unit value of motorcycles in 2004. In comparison, figures for the 10 months to October 2005 show that average unit value rose a mere 0.5 percent when compared to the same period in 2004.
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