January 31 2006.
Email Release from TWO:

Bullshit Detector
If you have seen the latest issue of Superbike, you may have noticed a piece in the Bullshit Detector column which repeats a rumour that TWO is in negotiations with EMAP to sell the magazine. It is, as the heading says, bullshit.
We heard the rumour ourselves at the NEC in November; it was, of course, a surprise to all at Haymarket. Unfortunately, the Editor of Superbike, Kenny Pryde, felt it worth repeating in writing in the March issue of Superbike and has been spreading it around with the same malicious intent with which it was first dreamed up. Kenny has also been spreading the rumour that TWO was offered to IPC (publisher of Superbike). First hand knowledge then? When challenged, he admitted to Grant Leonard, publishing director of TWO, that his proof of this was the look on the face of his boss, Keith Foster, when Kenny asked if TWO had been offered to IPC. Keith has confirmed to Grant that to his knowledge IPC has never been approached by Haymarket and all he knew is what Kenny had said regarding the EMAP rumour. Kenny defended his column by calling it 'journalism'.
So please rest assured, we aren't for sale, nor are we 'holed beneath the water'. 
For all those tired of the bullshit, we'll be back in touch soon with news of the official 05 ABC circulation figures which are published on 15 February 2006. You'll see we have nothing to hide, nothing to fear - and we tell the truth.
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