October 4 2007.

SW Motech of Germany has expanded its range of centre stands to cover the new BMW G650 X series and the Triumph Tiger 1050i as well as a version to fit the Kawasaki ZZR 1400 sports tourer.

Fitting a centre stand not only makes a motorcycle easier to park (as it requires more space to lean onto its side stand), it makes it more stable and less likely to be knocked over too. For many owners it also makes routine maintenance jobs much easier to perform, for example adjusting or lubricating the chain, checking the tyre pressures and cleaning the bike.

SW-Motech centre stands are European-licensed (ABE) and are tailor-made for the specific make and model for a perfect ?t. They are designed to offer excellent stability, easy installation and ease of use. All centre stands go through a thorough construction process; designs are tested to provide the best angle of lean possible and the stands are constructed using strong, thin-walled steel tubing. Prior to powder coating all welding components go through an additional surface treatment to offer the best protection against corrosion.

Prices start at £92.32 for the Kawasaki ZZR 1400. The BMW G650 X series stand costs £100.07 and the Triumph Tiger 1050i sells for £110.54.

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