February 1 2006.
Following on from the success of the DVD A Street, A Track, An Open Road which was launched earlier this year to promote safer riding, the MCI is now undertaking a new project to produce a DVD designed specifically for scooter owners with younger riders and commuters in mind.
The MCI is working with The Metropolitan Film School, Remote Productions and has developed links Road Safety Officers. MCI is producing an accessible product, with the title 'Act Your Age' and Road Safety Officers will be supporting the distribution across eleven London boroughs.
Meeting the demands of young people, with very specific attitudes and ideas can pose problems, particularly when dealing with tricky topics like motorcycle safety, which is where the project has benefited from a collaborative approach.
Safety clothing, helmets, riding style, training, pillions and attitudes are some of the issues that are addresses through an unusual script which uses humour to deliver the messages.
Young people, some scooter riders, have been involved in the planning and development process from the beginning and have been involved in creating the theme and script.
Enthusiastic focus groups have been on hand to vocalise their viewpoints to help the industry craft a product that is entertaining, informative and relevant. Lewisham Road Safety Department has been very important to the project and worked with MCI to run the focus groups, provide suitable locations and police liaison.
Available from March, distribution will initially be via Road Safety Officers, and the MCI who will also be giving it away to all secondary schools in its citizenship pack, due to be launched later this year . Other sectors of the industry such as dealers are expected to come on board to assist with the distribution.
Anyone who would like to order a copy should go to the website www.mcia.co.uk