February 1 2006.

At 40,092 new registrations, Scooters remain the single largest segment of the UK motorcycle market, with 50cc scooters accounting for 1 in 6 of new bikes sold.  European brands continue to dominate the sales charts - the five most popular moped scooters in 2005 were all either French or Italian.  Of those, Peugeot proved the best-performing make, increasing its market share by 6.5% and holding 2nd & 3rd positions in the registration statistics with its Ludix and Speedfight models.
Surprisingly, figures from the Peugeot Insurance Scheme indicate that 70% of owners are aged over 18 years and anecdotal evidence from franchised dealers backs this up.  Soaring petrol prices, traffic gridlock and limited parking is prompting many families to trade-in the second car for a scooter. 
Peugeot attribute the continued success to its flair for innovation.  The French company made its first 'moped' in 1931 and the Speedfight scooter is widely recognised as defining the 'sport scooter' sector when it was launched in 1996.

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