August 12 2010.

HEL Performance has set up new manufacturing distributors in Mumbai and Mauritius, expanding the presence of the braided brake line manufacturer to 68 countries.

The vast growth of presence and sales of the HEL brand in every continent after just five years is no fluke. Rather than trying to service international markets with products manufactured from its Exeter headquarters, HEL uses a dedicated expansion programme that places its own manufacturing machinery, products and training in each new market.

India is a burgeoning market for performance motorcycle accessories and HEL is the first of the leading braided brake line manufacturers to offer its full product range in this region. The Mumbai base will manufacture and distribute to dealers across the massive continent.

The distributor based in Mauritius follows the same expansion programme as Mumbai and will also service the Reunion Islands and the Maldives.

Having successfully expanded into many new regions, HEL has found that by having a licensed manufacturer in each marketplace the brand is strengthened by providing the customer with the product at reduced lead times and, above all, the service they require.

HEL Performance's director, Simon Lane, who visits every single new distributor, commented:
"The appointment of these two new manufacturer distributors once again shows the strength of the HEL Performance brand in international circles as we never actively seek new partners.

"If we had decided, like others, that everything should only be made in the UK we would not have been able to meet worldwide demand for the product. By taking the product to the marketplace it has resulted in a boom of international sales yet to be replicated in our market.

"The expansion model we used is now about to be replicated by one of our competitors which, again, shows that we took the right decision at the right time. Other companies seem to be too precious and protective of their brand and information, but this stifles flair, passion and expansion. Obviously there are legal parameters in place, including intellectual property and information, but at the end of the day you have to be proactive in the market to move forward."

For further information visit: www.helperformance.com