October 22 2007.

Lucas Oil Products will employ a classic 1974 Grand Prix 50cc Kreidler motorcycle to emphasise the all-round suitability and capabilities of its latest range of Motor Cycle Oil formulations, which will debut at The NEC's Classic Car Show, in November (2007).

The German-built Kreidler bike was raced during the Dutch Van Veen team's championship winning 1973-74 season and is one of only 5 that were ever made, yet it runs as smoothly today as it did then thanks to the Lucas Oil semi-synthetic 2-Cycle - complete with a special package of detergents and lubricants exclusive to the formulation. More net power, easier piston travel, with less cylinder and piston ring wear are major benefits.

Lucas High Performance Motorcycle Oils are the result of a tried and tested blend of motor oils and gear oils for the racing industry, which have been proved over many years of racing in the US. "These are true racing oils include the Lucas branded 20w50 for motorcycles. It is ideal for low temperature starting and high temperature racing, having demonstrated its suitability for British track racing and road bikes of all ages. It far exceeds all manufacturer specifications and can outlast other oils up to four times - on the track or on the street," says Lucas Oil Products' managing director Les Downey.

The synthetic racing oil range is blended with an exclusive additive package that includes lubricity agents and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oi, while protecting metal like a heavy multi-viscosity oil.

Synthetic oils specifically specified for motorcycle use include a 0w40, 5w20, 5,30, 10w30,10w50 and a 20w50. A wide selection of semi-synthetics, mineral oils and low ash smokeless two stroke oils (TCW3) ensure a broad range of applications across the motorcycle market.

NEC's Classic Car Show is the first major showcase for the new Lucas Oil Motorcycle range, which has been generating interest among racing teams and suppliers to the trade as a result of a trackside presence on hoardings at racing venues such as Mallory Park and Santa Pod this season. Lucas is a regular trackside brand at dragster racing events in the UK and Europe, but this this year was its first adventure into brand promotion during circuit racing in the UK.

"The full racing range of motorcycle oils, additives, greases and chain lubricants will be profiled at AutoSport International 2008, which is also at the NEC next January. We are bringing the motorcycle oils range to the NEC Classic Car Show because there is always a strong mix of two and four wheel racers on view at this event, but this year, with a major motorcycle show taking place in adjoining halls, there is an opportunity to register a presence with visitors to both venues."