August 16 2010.

Parmakit has released a potential championship winning cylinder kit for small frame owners with the GT W-Force aluminium nickel-silicon cylinder kit. Eight different combinations are available with a choice of 58mm or 60mm Vertex forged and coated piston options, CNC billet machined centre or off set spark plug modular head and 7 port cylinder to suit 97mm or 105mm con rod lengths. Manifold choice of 34mm - 40mm Carb and W-Force reed valve. The quality of the castings is first class and the use of high quality components make for an exceptional high end small frame kit. S.R.P £579.95 

TSV 180cc - VESPA PX
Parmakit hasn't forgotten the Vespa PX125 owners the cylinder kit options for these machines have been stagnant until recently. New from Parmakit is a tasty 180cc five port aluminium nickel-silicon plated cylinder kit. Port configuration is a modern five transfer port layout with the exhaust ports following the Rotax style 1x main and two sub port design. Equipped with high silicon content vertex piston using 2x 1mm chromium steel piston rings Available with centre or off set spark plug CNC billet cylinder head. S.R.P £185.95

Due shortly will be a liquid cooled billet head version and 60mm stoked 190cc kit. 

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