August 18 2010.

HEL Performance braided brake lines helped Bruce Anstey make the fastest ever road racing lap at the 2010 Ulster GP.

The Relentless Suzuki rider piloted his GSX-R1000 to an average speed of 133.977mph around the 7.4 mile Dundrod circuit in Northern Ireland. The New Zealand rider clocked the outright fastest lap in the second Superbike race on his way to victory on August 14 in County Antrim.

Anstey's record-breaking result was the icing on the cake at the Ulster GP for HEL Performance. In the six races held at the historic meeting, riders using HEL braided brake lines also took victory in 250 and Supersport classes with Ian Lougher and Keith Amor, respectively, and filled all three podium places in the hotly contested Supertwins race, won by Ryan Farquhar. The final Superbike race alone saw 14 of the top 15 runners using its extensive range of braided brake lines to great effect.

Simon Lane of HEL Performance commented: "Another great set of results on the back of the success at this year's Isle Of Man and the Northwest 200. HEL Performance are now 'the' racing brake line of choice by riders throughout the race paddock and it is testament to all the hard work we have put into supporting riders this year.

"Our Northern Ireland distributor attended this event with their race support vehicle, which allows them to make hoses at the circuit. This effort, once again, reiterates the amount we support the sport - and it is being noticed. Thanks again to all the teams and riders that run HEL Performance - you are awesome."

HEL Performance has also recently become an official supplier to the British Superbike championship and attends every round with its custom-built, 40-foot race support unit to support the legion of race teams that demand the very best performance products.

For more information visit www.helperformance.com or call 01392 811681.

Ulster Grand Prix results:

Race 1 Superstock (12 of top 15, including 2nd to 10th, used HEL)
1st Ian Hutchinson
2nd Keith Amor (HEL)
3rd Ryan Farquhar (HEL)

Race 2 Supersport 1 (11 of top 15, including 2nd to 6th, used HEL)
1st Ian Hutchinson
2nd Keith Amor (HEL)
3rd Michael Dunlop (HEL)

Race 3 250cc
1st Ian Lougher (HEL)
2nd William Dunlop (HEL)
3rd Paul Robinson

Race 4 Superbike Race 1 (12 of top 15, including 2nd to 13th, used HEL)
1st Ian Hutchinson
2nd Bruce Anstey (HEL)
3rd Keith Amor (HEL)

Race 5 Supersport 2 (six of the top ten used HEL)
1st Keith Amor (HEL)
2nd Ian Hutchinson
3rd William Dunlop (HEL)

Race 6 Superbike 2 (14 of top 15 used HEL)
1st Bruce Anstey (HEL)
2nd Ian Hutchinson
3rd Keith Amor (HEL)