November 14 2007.

Acumen  has developed the first ever 'intelligent' chain oiler. Automatic chain oilers have been around since the 1980's and their benefits are well documented, but until now none have lubricated the drive chain in direct proportion to the engine's power delivery.

Speedy delivery
The Acumen CL10 is different from its predecessors because it is driven by the motorcycle's speedometer. So the faster you ride, the more lubricant your chain receives. As a general rule, the power being transmitted through the chain is related to the square of the speed. Software within the CL10 'brain' ensures the flow of lubricant at higher speeds is greater than it is at lower speeds and, just as importantly, that the lubricant-flow is zero when the motorcycle is stationary.

Under Pressure
The CL10 uses a PTFE-based lubricant that is forced out under pressure, so it acts like a chain spray, squirting lubricant onto the chain rather than dripping out oil. Not only does this deliver more consistent and accurate coverage of the drive chain, but also the PTFE lubricant contains hydro-treated polymers for long life and anti-corrosion properties. The compact can of lube screws directly into the aluminium valve-actuating unit, which is controlled by the rider from the display that is mounted on the handlebars or dash.

Only three wires to connect
Fitting the CL10 is straightforward, as there are only three wires to connect; one to power, one to earth and one to the speedometer sensor output. If the bike has a cable speedo then Acumen can supply an upgrade kit. Riders control the CL10 from the handlebar-mounted unit, altering the flow of oil to suit the conditions. The display shows the flow rate from 0 (off) to 9 (maximum), and also gives an indication of the lubricant remaining every time the ignition is switched on. Acumen has even provided a diagnostic mode, so owners can check that CL10 is in perfect working order before embarking on their next adventure.

The Acumen CL10 intelligent chain oiler sells for £99.99 inc. VAT. Replacement chain lube cans cost £4.99 and can be fitted in seconds. British and European patents pending.

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See Acumen on stand 2J25 at the NEC Bike Show