November 19 2007.

Thanks in no small part to the continued efforts of its dealers and distributors, OptiMate IIISP has been a huge success, following in the path of previous OptiMates.

This year two milestones have been passed - in the UK, ProBike has just sold the UK's 250,000th OptiMate and worldwide OptiMate sales have topped 1,000,000.

When OptiMate was introduced in 1995, few could imagine the sales which lay ahead. The response from most companies initially approached was total disinterest, saying it would never sell.....

OptiMate's success can be attributed to the fact it was a well-designed product, instigated by the technical understanding of the need for such a product, well before the industry became aware of it.

Add endorsements from most major motorcycle & battery manufacturers; committed sales efforts from professional distributors; genuine backup & aftersales support; continual development & improvement; and success followed.

As a thank-you to everyone involved - customers, dealers, and distributors, TecMate is making a limited edition "One Million Special". This will comprise the OptiMate IIISP in special commemorative colours, plus a free wall bracket and a free extension lead, all packed in a special one-off carton. This will represent a very good deal to the dealer and customer alike - the RRP of the free accessories is approximately £10.00 inc VAT. The Million Special OptiMates will be available in limited quantities from approximately mid-November.