November 21 2007.

One squirt is all it takes to significantly improve your chances of staying dry this winter!

German scientists formulated Sdoc100 Textile Proofer to give motorcycle clothing and equipment an extra layer of protection from the wet by creating a waterproof coating.

Bike gear has an incredibly tough job to do, because not only is it exposed to the elements, but also rainwater is driven against it, often at high speed, as the bike is ridden along.

The kitchen towel test proves just how effective Sdoc100 Textile Proofer is. Kitchen towels are designed to be incredibly absorbent, yet when sprayed with Sdoc100 Textile Proofer the water forms into droplets and runs off.

Sdoc100 Textile Proofer is easily applied by spraying and can be used for clothing (jackets, trousers, boots and gloves) as well as other useful items, such as rucksacks, tank bags, panniers, etc. It offers excellent moisture protection with extremely long-lasting action and even keeps the breathability of waterproof membranes.

On top of all that it protects against UV bleaching too. No wonder it was recommended by Germany's Motorrad magazine.

Price: £10.80 Including VAT at 17.5%

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