November 22 2007.

Seizing opportunities and ensuring that motorcycles form part of mainstream transport policy are high on the agenda for the Motor Cycle Industry Association.

The arrival of the new CEO, David Taylor, has started a new phase in the life of the Association as it looks to the future and the opportunities for the industry's growth.

Exploring new markets to help expand the current database from an ageing population of males to a more diverse group is imperative. Growing all sectors of bikes should be aspired too. We have seen this more recently with the increase in learner - legal bikes of 37% and as we saw with the 'Ewan and Charlie' effect when the Adventure Sport market notably increased following the first series of the 'Long Way Round.'

Green issues are at the top of the political agenda, so its relevant and timely for the industry to think about acting to create bikes that can further contribute to reducing CO2 levels. Smaller bikes in urban areas area already contributing to the solution as a small moving powered two wheeler will produce fewer emissions than an average stationary car. The bikes are also going to reduce the congestion and help to keep traffic moving.

The industry's recent campaign 'Now's The Time' has been helping to inspire more people to take the challenge and get onto two wheels. The Government statistics has shown that in the first part of this year the number of people taking their tests has increased and the number of people who passed their test has increased by 13% which accounts for 3,188 new riding customers.

Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "This is a time of opportunity for the UK motorcycle industry. Although there are some threats, the industry is capable of working to overcome them as we proved this year when we defeated the off-road bill."

" Joint industry campaigns, working with all of our stakeholders, including the media driven by a clear strategy can help us to achieve a stronger market. We should not be put off by challenges such as pending EU legislation, but look for ways to use them for our own benefit."