August 27 2010.

Harris Performance make a quick-fit wheel change modification for most Superbike and Supersport models and has now added a conversion for the new BMW S1000RR swing arm.

Most production Superbikes are fitted with a single piston rear brake caliper that is located above the swing arm and this design makes the removal and replacement of the rear wheel a slow and awkward task - not a big problem on a road machine, but for race machines every second counts and this is where the Harris modification saves time and fingers!

Harris remove the rear wheel brackets from the standard swing arm and replace them with its own machined billet aluminium brackets that come complete with sliding and locking wheel spindle blocks and rear brake caliper plate that re-locates the caliper mount underneath the rear spindle for quick and easy wheel changes. Most serious racers replace the standard caliper for a twin-piston aftermarket unit anyway, so the Harris modification provides the mounting plate for the new caliper.

Needless to say, all the components, fitting and finish are to the legendary Harris standard.

Just send the original swing arm to Harris and allow about seven working days for the modification.

Cost is £845 plus VAT.

For further information contact Harris Performance on 01992 532501 or visit www.harris-performance.com