September 6 2010.

VE has signed RamAir scooter filter products as one of its exclusive brands.

RamAir filters have a true racing pedigree in motorsport ,covering all aspects, from scooters and motorcycles through to Formula 1. This pedigree brings together years of technical knowledge, research and development to produce an air filter that is not only designed to last well, but also perform to the highest standards possible.

RamAir produce two type of air filter systems for the scooter and Moto 50/125 market; the Motorcycle pod filter (RACE Range) and the Motorcycle Custom pod filter (CUSTOM Range). Both filters provide excellent filtration whilst minimising air flow restriction. The RACE range is supplied as a black sponge sock type filter with rubber neck and clamp whilst the CUSTOM range adds a polished chrome top cap to add another glint of finishing touch to the machine. Fully cleanable air filters are not only better for the environment but also on the wallet, giving many years of service for a small initial outlay.

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