September 8 2010.

While development of the Harris Moto2 machine continues at world championship level with the Spanish Promo Team, the production prototype Harris Moto2 machine continues to lead the ultra-competitive Spanish CEV Buckler National Moto2 series, with Daniel Rivas Fernadez leading the points table on the British built machine after four of the seven rounds.

"The Spanish series gives us a better indication as to where we actually are with our machine against all the other leading chassis manufacturers," explains Lester Harris. "The ability of the riders in the Spanish championship is on more of a level playing field than in the world championship where there are some exceptional riders who can make a good machine look a little better than it actually is. In the Spanish series we are right at the sharp end in an ultra competitive series and making full use of the feedback.

"From the beginning, we set out to design and build a Moto2 machine that works well for all shapes, sizes and styles of rider. It must also work well for the teams in terms of quality, adjustability and affordability. And in the real world you have to design a machine that can also survive a tumble or two as well!

"We have been working with one of the UK's leading stylists to improve the bodywork design. Windtunnel testing can cost a fortune and so we have also been developing an air flow simulation package that has helped us with the design of the bodywork and air intake ducts in a bid to improve top end speed.

"Our production prototype chassis design is now close to being finalised and we are setting up to produce a restricted number for national and international teams in 2011."

Harris is also keeping a close eye on the new Moto3 class regulations.

"We have a chassis design derived from our past success in Supermono racing and we are looking to produce complete, all British, class leading Moto3 machines," says Harris.

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