December 18 2007.

Q8Oils is backing an awareness campaign by the Motorcycle Community in Europe to promote the use of synthetic oil amongst owners of 2-stroke motorcycles and scooters in order to reduce emissions from these popular 'daily use' machines. The type of lubricant oil used in 2-stroke machines has a direct and immediate impact on their PM (Particulate Matters) emissions and there is potential for PM reduction in the range of 50% if riders choose cleaner synthetic options, hence the support of the EU Commission for the campaign.

Since 2-stroke engine oil is mixed with the fuel it reaches all moving parts of the engine, before ultimately being burned along with the fuel. Synthetic oils have better lubricant potential than traditional mineral oils, offering good combustion, better cleaning potential and preventing deposits within the engine, thus producing less exhaust residuals.

This is good news for owners, as well as the environment, because it will reduce maintenance costs as it extends the life of the engine, exhaust and spark plug, as well as improving fuel consumption and performance.

Synthetic lubricants, like City Bike Ultra from Q8Oils, are low smoke 2-stroke engine oils for both air and water-cooled scooter engines with oil injection or pre-mixed systems. Part-synthetic lubricants, like Scooter Daily Super from Q8Oils, cost only marginally more than traditional mineral oils yet deliver significant benefits and the Campaign is confident that no extra cost to the user is involved in the long term due to the engine's better functioning and extended life.

Information and a poster are available to download from the Q8Oils UK website.

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