January 4 2008.

Knowledge is power, so the saying goes, and the new Titanium V&A smart charger from Acumen not only charges, maintains and recovers batteries, it also keeps you informed of the progress with charging and battery condition.

The new V&A model builds on the British firm's success with the Titanium smart charger, which included a voltmeter, by adding an ammeter. So while the backlit LCD voltmeter shows you how much charge the battery is holding, the LCD ammeter display indicates the rate at which it is charging.

"If you think of your battery as a fuel tank," explains Acumen's Dave Martin, "Then the volt meter shows you how much fuel is in the battery and the ammeter shows you how much fuel is going into it."

This gives owners the capability to use the Titanium V&A as a diagnostics tool as well as a battery optimiser. You can read the voltmeter to see whether the battery is holding the correct charge (or too little/too much), while the ammeter will indicate if the battery is requiring a disproportionate amount of power to stay charged.

This robust piece of kit is manufactured from splash proof (IP42 certified) aluminium, with simple-to-interpret indicator lights on the front of the casing along with the voltmeter and ammeter LCDs.

The Titanium V&A comes packed in a durable steel presentation case complete with a waterproof eyelet lead with waterproof fuse for permanent connection to battery, crocodile lead for temporary connections to battery, 3-metre extension lead, UK and European mains leads and a wall bracket with fixings. It sells for £54.99 inc. VAT

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