January 14 2008. 

A pioneering motorcycle expedition to Equatorial West Africa has received a major boost thanks to support from Touratech, the specialist overland equipment manufacturer. Touratech have provided tough aluminium panniers from their 'Zega' range, sump guards, crash bars, auxiliary lights and other essential items that mean the bike, a BMW R1200GS, will be well prepared for the variable road conditions that will be faced on the 4,000 mile journey.
The co-founder of the Motorcycle Outreach charity Craig Carey-Clinch, and his wife Barbara Alam, are undertaking the trip. Craig and Barbara will be conducting a four-week research journey in advance of an organised expedition to West Africa in December 2008, which is being offered to motorcyclists by GlobeBusters Motorcycle Expeditions. GlobeBusters have teamed with Motorcycle Outreach to offer riders a unique five-week motorcycle journey that will take riders to the previously unexplored destination of Guinea Bissau, which will be something different for travellers seeking to experience their own 'Long Way Down' adventure.

What makes this tour different is that a proportion of the price will go to Motorcycle Outreach's work to provide sustainable healthcare logistics, by motorcycle, in rural areas of the developing world.

Craig comments; "At the heart of any well organised motorcycle expedition is proper advance route planning and research, including a motorcycle that is both well suited to the tough itinerary of a research trip. Thanks to Touratech we will be equipped to deal with most eventualities".

Craig & Barbara will depart from the UK on January 18th. Find out more about the main expedition in December 2008 by calling the GlobeBusters Enquiry line on 08452 30415 or online at www.globebusters.com