February 15 2006.

Emap release:
Emap Modern Motorcycling portfolio grows its market share by 2%*

Emap Automotive's investment pays off
The continued investment in the editorial quality of its brands, and its pioneering approach to emerging digital platforms, is paying off. All of the motorcycling titles have been reinvented to stay relevant to their audiences.

MCN Reinvents
Motor Cycle News marginal circulation decrease to 135,017**** masks a surge in sales during the second half of last year, brought about by strengthening MCN's news values and by introducing a new front cover policy. The ability of MCN to reinvent itself goes someway in explaining why it has been at the forefront of our motorcycling lives over the last fifty years.
MCN's editor, Marc Potter adds: "We re-focussed on what MCN stood for over the past 50 years and looked again at MCN's core values. MCN has, and always will be first with the news that every motorcyclist must read. The news and sports sections were re-thought-through and we provided our readers with the biggest ever mix of motorcycles, latest breaking news and investigations."
Classic Bike - a favourite with modern bikers and classics owners
Classic Bike magazine was revamped in December 2005, to take in the 70s and 80s bikes, and it remains the biggest and best magazine for those who love owning and riding old motorbikes. We eagerly await the results of our relaunch which will be published next year. In a sector littered with titles Classic Bike Magazine is still the only magazine in the sector that submits to the transparency of having an ABC.

Performance Bikes - appointment success
With the appointment of Tim Thompson, Performance Bikes has turned the tide since the re launch of the title in July. As the new editor of Performance Bikes, Emap has made a strong commitment to the reinvention of this title and the market. Tim and his team are eager to see their next results which will show an entire year of improvement due to their radical overhaul of the magazine.
Tim adds: "we re-launched half way through last year and since then we have seen steady growth in sales. On top of this we have received fantastic feedback from readers and the trade alike. We have a got a small but passionate team and we feel that it is a really exciting time for the magazine."
RiDE - tough year behind them
RiDE, like all motorcycle monthlies, has experienced tough market conditions in terms of circulation. This has been exacerbated by a lengthy period of transition to find the right product formula to take RiDE into growth. So far RiDE has been successful in growing share against its direct competitors and exits the audit period as the second largest selling motorcycle monthly on the UK newsstand.
The arrival of the experienced Steve Rose as the new editor of Ride Magazine comes at the end of what has been a tough year for the magazine.    He is already on the job and has proven capability of successfully doing it.
Expect a revitalised and refocused RiDE from the Spring 06 issue.

Bike - delivering even more readers every month
Bike magazine continues to extend its lead as the biggest selling monthly motorcycle magazine by a significant margin, growing both it's share of the market as well as its overall circulation - the only motorcycling monthly to accomplish this.  Since his appointment Group Editor-in-Chief of EMAP Automotive, John Westlake has steered Bike magazine to its current success as the biggest selling monthly motorcycling title in the UK by a significant margin.
The magazine was revamped in July 2005, to match the changing face of biking in the UK, and to deliver the "world of motorcycling" in one high quality magazine.

John Westlake commented: "It sounds simplistic, but all we've done over the last year is concentrate on Bike's basics: great writing and photography, stories about astonishing motorcyclists, and thorough road tests. I'm extremely pleased (and relieved) that readers seem to think this was the right decision. With this result as a base, we're hoping to push things even further over the coming year"
Summarising the portfolio of monthly magazines
Gareth Ashman, Sales Director for Emap Motorcycling adds: "It is great to see that our continued editorial investment in MCN, Bike, PB and Classic Bike has paid off. The success of these titles has been driven by the great team of people we have working on them. It takes some time to get the combination right and I believe that in the case of Ride we are now in the right direction. With over 50% of Ride readers buying something as a direct result of an article they have read in RiDE Magazine***, the new editor Steve Rose will have an important role to play in the industry and I am extremely excited that he is onboard.
Our customers benefit from the close relationship we have with our readers. As we continuously fuel our readers' passion to get out on their bikes. By advertising across our modern motorcycling portfolio we can deliver to you in excess of 1,000,000 biking enthusiasts to you every issue**. These enthusiasts are not just biking but looking in our magazines to buy your bikes, products and use your services week in week out."

*Modern motorcycling market consists of MCN. Bike, Ride, PB, Superbikes, TWO & Bike Trader. Source ABC Jan-Dec 05 vs 04 for all titles except TWO which is the July-Dec 04 figure vs Jan-Dec 05 you should not have a problem.
****Source ABC Jan - Dec 2005