February 17 2006.
Norman Hyde has introduced several simple modifications for Triumph's popular current 790cc and 865c Bonneville models. 
With a standard power output of 61bhp on the 790cc Bonneville (and 66bhp for the 865cc T100 model) many owners find that themselves looking for ways to liberate extra power from the modern British twins.
CNC machined from solid aluminium alloy, a high performance Bell Mouth air intake is easy to fit and increases power.   The Bell Mouth sells for £77.55 inc. VAT and the filter for £42.30.
Extra power may also be extracted from the big twin by fitting A.I.R. (Air Injection Removal), which is designed to modify the air injection system on the Bonneville's exhaust.  The standard bike injects clean air into the exhaust to clean up emissions, but this system has a reputation for over-heating the down pipes, resulting in blue chrome and backfiring.  The A.I.R. kit is simple to fit and contains high quality stainless steel components with full instructions.  The retail price is £22.91 inc. VAT.
Call 01926 497375 or visit www.normanhyde.co.uk for details.