January 16 2008. Polaris Industries Inc. announced today that its Chief Executive Officer, Tom Tiller, expects to step down from his position by the end of 2008 when his current employment contract expires. Tiller, 46, has been with the company since July, 1998 and its CEO since May, 1999. Tiller explained his decision as a personal one. "After considerable thought and extensive discussions with the Board of Directors, I felt 2008 was the right time to leave. When I came to Polaris from GE, I expected to lead the company for a considerable period, and 2008 marks my tenth year here. I absolutely love our company, our products, and our people, and I'm proud of what we have been able to accomplish together. This past year was another good one for us in a tough environment, and I expect 2008 to be good as well. We have a very solid and experienced team, and I am confident in our ability to win well into the future. Our company is in good shape so it seems like the right time."