January 18 2008. 

BOS exhausts of the Netherlands has designed a pair of silencers for Suzuki's 181bhp B-King that lightens up the 235Kg street bike both physically and in appearance.  The twin GP-1 silencers are E-marked and thus street legal, yet are less than half the weight of the stock items, at just 5.5 KG, (compared to 13KG for the original equipment). BOS GP-1 silencers have an exclusive shape, with a large flat side that sits neatly under the B-King's tail unit, while their angular profile follows the contours of this exceptional motorcycle. The tail pipes are specially TIG welded and the end caps and all internal parts are made of stainless steel, for a high quality and durable finish. Both silencers bolt directly onto mounting points on the bike, removing the need for unsightly metal straps around the pipes. All GP-1 silencers are road legal but come with a removable dB eater baffle (a device pioneered by BOS exhausts). Owners can expect a performance gain too.  Fitting the BOS silencers boosts power by approximately 3bhp and torque by an extra 3Nm, following the machine's original power curve for a progressive delivery. The BOS B-King silencers retail for £649 per pair in stainless steel. A carbon fibre version is available for £799 inc VAT.  Contact: The Key Collection
Tel. 0117 971 9200
Fax. 0117 972 5574