January 18 2008. 

Acumen has developed an HID lighting system specifically for motorcycles that creates a brilliant white light that is similar to sunshine at noon on a summer's day. Its 35W High Intensity Discharge [HID] bulb, using similar technology to stadium floodlights, delivers twice the light output of normal 60W halogen bulbs, illuminating the road ahead without dazzling oncoming vehicles.

Unlike conventional motorcycle light bulbs, which use a filament, HID light bulbs are filled with Xenon gas. Once ignited by a high voltage charge the gas creates an arc of light. Acumen's HID lights are rated at 6000K, which is similar to a camera flash bulb and double the rating of a tungsten lamp and have brilliant-white appearance because they burn at a higher temperature.

HID light systems need a massive electrical charge (15 amps at 23,000 V) to start the bulb burning. So a special unit, called 'ballast', is required to provide this, since the motorcycle's electrical system could not otherwise cope. Acumen has developed an incredibly light and compact ballast (100 x 75 x 30mm) that is easy to fit on modern machines, where space is at a premium. The Acumen ballast is housed in a robust and waterproof aluminium case and supplied with plug-and-go wiring.

Once illuminated the power consumption of Acumen HID lights drops to 80V and approximately 3.2 amps constant draw (compared to the 5 amps drawn from a standard halogen bulb). HID bulbs also have a longer lifespan (approx three times the life of a Halogen bulb) and are less susceptible to vibrations and jolts rough road conditions than halogen items.

Initially five kits are available, designed to fit most popular types of bulb found on modern motorcycles. They are 9005, H1, H3 and H7, which retail for £154.99 inc. VAT and H4 at £175.00 inc. VAT.

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