October 8 2010.

Black Horse has said it will help all of its motorcycle dealers prepare now for the imminent changes which are set to take place as a result of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD).

The motorcycle industry's largest finance firm is currently rolling out training to dealers across the country, so that they are fully equipped to deal with changes in the way finance can be sold and processed at the point of sale.

The changes brought about as a result of CCD are mandatory for all lenders, including credit card companies and must be implemented by 31st January 2011. However Black Horse is implementing the changes within its processes on 25th November this year and has already put its entire field sales team through specialised training, so that they are fully up to speed with the new legislation.

This month (October) Black Horse's sales teams began rolling out a programme of training for dealers, to put them at the forefront of the industry when the changes take place.

Black Horse Franchise Development and Leisure Director Mike Whytock explained that his company's strategy had been specially designed to make dealers' lives easier and help them understand what CCD will mean for them and their customers.

He said: "We've taken great care, when interpreting the new legislation, to consider what impact it will have on our dealers. As a result, the information and training we're providing them with is clear, accurate and thoroughly explained. Our aim is to help them overcome some of the complexities of the new legislation by helping them to embed it within their own sale processes.

"We'll also show them how to make best use of Black Horse showroom technology (eQuips, LetsUConnect and the eSigs funding process) to help them ensure compliant sales.

"We'll also focus on how dealers can incorporate the new CCD processes into their existing FSA training, competency and self audit processes if they have them already or develop similar self-controls if they are not FSA registered.

"Having fully trained up, knowledgeable people on board is critical, both for Black Horse and our dealers. Although this new legislation will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the sales process, it should be viewed positively by the industry as I believe it will boost consumer confidence. Providing clearer information and giving customers greater rights will help to build even greater trust at the point of sale.

"We want our dealers to know that they don't face this alone. Black Horse is leading the industry on this issue and we will be by our dealers' sides to help them navigate and unpick the fine details of this change, every step of the way."

Any Black Horse dealer which has a query about CCD should speak to their Account Manager or e-mail their question to