January 28 2008.

An application made by BEN, the Automotive Industry Charity, to the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust, has been successful. The Trust has approved a grant of £25,000 to BEN to support the Charity following a particularly difficult financial year.

On receiving this gift, BEN's Director of Fundraising and Communications, Charles Davies, made the following statement, "This is a huge contribution towards the work of our Fund for which we all send our sincere thanks. I know how much this will mean to BEN's Board of Trustees and how much it will help BEN to continue supporting those dependent on our care and support over the next twelve months."

Chairman and Founder of the Trust, Sir Jackie Stewart, said "Our Trustees recognise the unique support that BEN provides, as well as the financial challenges that can arise. We have provided support for BEN on several occasions and are delighted to do so again. We have seen so much of BEN's work both in its residential centres and in the community and the good that it does lots of people in the automotive industry, including former Grand Prix Mechanics. The cost of supporting beneficiaries continues to rise and makes the job of fundraising harder and harder each year. If this gift makes a difference to a large number of individuals then we have succeeded in doing our job which is to help in times of need."