January 28 2008.

PowaCycle electric bikes use the latest LPX Lithium Polymer batteries to deliver up to 37 miles of power assisted distance range. PowaCycle was the first UK supplier to introduce Electric Bikes powered by these Lithium Polymer Batteries in March 2007.

Lithium Polymer has the advantage of a high power to weight ratio that is superior to all other commercially available battery technologies for electric bikes.

The PowaCycle Salisbury LPX weighs only 22kg and the Puma LPX folding electric bike weighs only 18kg. The weight advantage makes the PowaCycle LPX range, comparable to ordinary bicycles with the same easy handling qualities.

Despite being lightweight LPX Lithium Polymer batteries can deliver up to a 40% greater range than NiMH models of the same weight. The Salisbury LPX bike can travel up to 27-37 miles per charge - a strong accolade for such lightweight models. The battery used in the Salisbury LPX supplies 273 Watt hours of power (26V, 10.5Ah).

Both bikes are hybrids offering "pedal assist" or "twist and go" throttle power modes giving riders the choice of optional pedalling. Six Shimano gears are included to maximise the cycling contribution. The Salisbury LPX can travel at a good pace with minimum effort on the part of the rider, a factor that ensures that

See PowaCycle's full range at: www.powacycle.co.uk