October 12 2010.

After 35 years of selling and promoting Motad aftermarket and replacement exhausts, Ian McDonald is stepping back from his sales role at Motad from November 1st. All is not lost though as his capable and experienced colleagues Ian Howell and Dan Hinton are ready on 01922-714700 and to answer your sales enquiries and to take your orders.

The bad news is that you haven't got rid of Ian Mc completely. (His words, not ours). Ian is taking on a new sales promotion and market development role alongside some long considered personal lifestyle changes. It's not "Spending more time with the family", more like spending more time with his chickens and sheep! However, Ian will continue to be seen as the face of Motad at shows and out there on the internet. 

This minor change is happening alongside a significant increase in manufacturing capacity and staff levels at Motad.

Contact Ian at