March 2 2006.

It's official, other road users don't always see motorcyclists!
Okay, so we knew that already, but we also know that motorcyclists can be at risk because other road users will focus on the largest hazard, rather than the closest hazard.
So if you're in front of an HGV, a motorist pulling out of a side road may see the HGV and not the motorcycle.  The result, as we all know, can be fatal!
With the increasing problem of growing traffic, riding is becoming less safe and more uncomfortable, whatever powered two-wheeler you ride, and whether it's for commuting or pleasure.  Making sure that you are visible though can contribute to your and others safety when out riding.
That's why Philips Automotive Lighting has developed MotoVision, a headlamp bulb that not only delivers 40 per cent more white light and gives 10-20m longer beam, it also has an orange reflection that helps riders of powered two-wheelers to be instantly identified by other road users.
Ed Savage, Philips Automotive Lighting's UK sales manager, said: "Our research showed that motorcyclists were keen to enhance their visibility to other road users, reducing the risk of accidents."
"The distinctive orange reflection of MotoVision means motorcycles will stand out from general road traffic, even in daylight, while the powerful beam offers much greater visibility when riding at night.
"As traffic increases so does the risk of not being seen by other road users, therefore we see MotoVision as a performance and safety upgrade rather than a replacement for old or damaged headlamp bulbs."
Retired police traffic Inspector Kevin Fitzpatrick, who now works with, commented: "Any product that promotes safer riding is good news for the motorcycling community.  This new headlamp bulb will give motorcyclists a better chance of being seen and help reduce accidents caused by poor visibility.
"I have trialled MotoVision and have been impressed by its performance.  Not only does the orange reflection give additional peace of mind, night riding is made easier with the much stronger beam.
"We have body armour, safer tyres, ABS, shock absorbers, protective clothing and training to help us stay safer on our roads.  Now at long last lighting has been addressed, and it's now going to be easier for the motorcyclist to see where they're going AND be seen by others."
Philips MotoVision is available from April. 

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