March 5 2006.
General Motors Corp. has finalized plans to sell its entire 20% equity stake in Suzuki Motor Corp. in which the U.S. automaker is the largest shareholder.
Suzuki Motor is also in talks with GM about selling its interest of about 11% in South Korea's GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. to the U.S. firm.
If the two automakers reach agreements on these deals, they will end a capital partnership that has continued since 1981.
In October 2004, GM sold all of its shares in Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Under pressure from its shareholders to sell assets, GM may also sell its 7.9% stake in Isuzu Motors Ltd.  industry observers said.
GM's stake in Suzuki is worth about 270 billion yen if calculated based on the market value of the Japanese firm's outstanding shares, which stood at 1.34 trillion yen on Friday. GM appears to have requested Suzuki to buy back the shares.

Source: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun Sunday edition.