October 27 2010.

New sleeve packaging has been designed for Scottoiler eSystem, BMW and KTM Kits.

The sleeves present an even bolder image in store and make it easier for customers to make a buying decision. The new design holds information in six languages to fit into the global marketplace.

"Our new sleeve packaging has been developed as a result of taking onboard customer feedback about the range," said Scottoiler's Marketing and Export Manager Nick Muddle. "With the design we aimed to make the Scottoiler Kits a more complete family with an obvious image that showed
exactly what the products do."

There is more information and a 'What's in the box' image on the reverse, so that customers can identify all the components without having to remove the lid, ensuring the product stays in perfect condition on the dealers' shelves.

The Scottoiler packaging has improved significantly from its original brown boxes and Scottoiler think this current edition is an improvement again on its current range, all helping to make it easier for the products to sell

For further information contact Scottoiler on 0141 955 1100 or email