October 27 2010.

 Scottoiler and AJS Motorcycles have joined forces in the battle against corrosion.

From November onwards the new joint promotion offers all purchasers of new AJS motorcycles a free bottle of FS 365, Scottoiler's award winning corrosion protector spray. The promotion commences just in time for the winter season, allowing AJS customers to protect their bikes right through the winter, safe in the knowledge that Scottoiler's FS 365 Corrosion Protector will be keeping their pride and joy in 'as new' condition.

Nick Brown, Director of AJS Motorcycles said: "AJS Motorcycles Limited is proud to be working in partnership with Scottoiler to promote the award-winning FS 365 surface corrosion inhibitor. This promotion is aimed at benefiting both
dealers and end users of AJS motorcycles. It will open the way for AJS dealers to profit from sales of AJS endorsed FS 365 and of other Scottoiler products. End users are supplied a free sample of FS 365 with their new AJS motorcycle, which will bring to their attention the importance of cleaning and caring for their new motorcycle. It is hoped that after using the sample of FS 365 and seeing the impressive results, the end users will want to re-order the product from their AJS dealers."

Scottoiler's FS 365 significantly reduces corrosion 365 days of the year. As every biker knows, good care and regular cleaning is especially important through the winter months when the salt applied to our roads can aggressively attack unprotected chrome and metal surfaces.

Of course, corrosion also occurs throughout the inclement summer months, especially with the higher temperatures, so it is equally important to protect from the residual salt left on the roads all year round.

The MCN award winning FS 365 neutralises road salt and can effectively reduce the damaging
effects of corrosion.

AJS plan to feature FS 365 in its advertising and on its website, whilst including product information in their Customer Handover Packs.

A free sample bottle of FS 365 will also be made available for each customer who purchases a new AJS motorcycle from 1st November.

Scottoiler's Marketing Manager, Nick Muddle said: "We're really excited about teaming up with AJS. Through its dealer network we hope to be able to grow the awareness of FS 365 and the Scottoiler brand to new riders as they enter into
biking for the first time. Equally, in these difficult economic times, we're keen to provide dealers with new opportunities to generate increased revenues from their accessory sales."

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