February 1 2008.

After four days in the desert the Globebusters / Motorcycle Outreach West Africa research expedition has emerged from Western Sahara (Sahara Occidental), crossed Mauritania and arrived in Senegal.

Their trip has taken the British couple to some amazing places so far and they have met some unusual people too. Craig Carey-Clinch and Barbara Alam found an English pub in Agadir, then visited the ancient town of Tafraoute, set in an area of pink granite mountains. On the Atlantic coast of North Africa they discovered the Lagoon Naila (Foum Agoutir), with its views over a fish-filled lagoon and huge numbers of sea birds. Shortly after this, they met two English travellers, Josh and Ed, who were on their way to South Africa, but on a seriously limited budget. They were both on older bikes with ingenious hand made hard luggage and a light hearted attitude.

They subsequently met another English motorcyclist who was on a tight itinerary to get home and had ridden nearly 800km in a day as well as two Frenchmen who had ridden from Paris on old-style Mobylette mopeds. They had been on the road for three weeks and were aiming for Dakar.

Adventure has never been far away. Western Sahara is disputed territory, with Morocco asserting its claim to the country, while the Polisario Front contest this. Until 10 years ago, shooting matches between both sides were commonplace, but a UN brokered ceasefire has held, making the country a safe place to travel as long as you stick to the main routes and towns and don't stray into the far east of the country, where banditry is a risk. There is a minefield to negotiate before the Mauritanian border is reached and although the country ranks among the top five poorest countries in the world, the people have great dignity and honour, falling over themselves to help out. The final stage of their journey will take them to their ultimate goal of Guinea-Bissau on the West Coast of Africa.

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