February 10 2008.

ConvertiBARST is the first handlebar system that allows the rider to fully customize the riding position in less time than it takes to fill the tank with fuel. One in five British motorcyclists owns a sportsbike and ConvertiBARST will help them to tailor their machines to better suit their size and use, whether on road or track.

ConvertiBARST may be fitted using the original brake lines, control cables and wiring. On certain models the amount of adjustment may be dramatically increased by modifying the bodywork or lengthening control cables. Once fitted, simply slacken the Cyclops clamp, using a hex key provided with the kit, and pull the bars back and up for relaxing long distance riding then drop them back down for a more track-orientated feeling.

Safety and performance is assured as ConvertiBARST are engineered to very high standards. The bars are manufactured from seamless stainless steel and the Cyclops clamp that secures the bars in place is incredibly strong. Laboratory testing shows that the ConvertiBARST are as strong and secure once positioned as the original equipment.

Most popular models of sports bike are covered, such as the GSX-R600/1000 series, as well as sports tourers like the Honda VFR and Blackbird. ConvertiBARST are supplied with illustrated instructions and an installation DVD. Prices start at £239.99 inc. VAT.

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