March 8 2006.

A Gripping Story from Triboseat
No backsliding from Triboseat, the ultra-grippy seat cover from Advanced Seating Technology. And now it's available for riders as well as passengers and for more bikes than ever before in 2006.
We all know the problem. Under hard acceleration or braking, passenger slides into rider, or vice versa. There's 'helmet clash' and even 'body slam' - and it spoils the ride.
Triboseat dramatically reduces all that. It's a grippy, rubberised mesh that fits snugly around the rider or pillion seat. Simple to fit too - no glue, no staples, just a secure drawstring. Custom designed, the Triboseat looks neat and taut, like part of the bike - it's an anti-slip second skin for the seat.
Triboseat - the name derives from the word 'Tribology', the science of friction - has been used by Crescent Rizla-Suzuki on its promotional pillion rides in front of BSB crowds since 2003.
There are Triboseats to fit every common model of sports bike, plus tourers, adventure tourers and naked bikes. Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Suzuki + others.
Triboseat products are available from only ¬£13.99 SRP 

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