March 9 2006.
Motorcycle chain lube needs to achieve the seemingly impossible task of being thin enough to spray onto the chain but thick enough to stick to it afterwards.  Q8Oils Chain Lube does just this.  It is a synthetic, high quality, high adhesion spray lubricant specifically formulated for chains and linkages of road and off-road motorcycles as well as quads, karts and other chain driven vehicles.
Q8Oils Chain Lube is initially a thin free flowing lubricant when sprayed to allow penetration into the vital inner pins and bushes of the chain links, where it cushions against shock loading. Q8Oils Chain Lube quickly thickens to provide a non-fling coating that seals the chain and prevents the ingress of dirt and water. 
The secret lies in the thixotropic behaviour of Q8Oils Chain Lube; it is naturally sticky but becomes less viscous when shaken.  Simply shake well before use, spray onto the inside of the chain and allow to penetrate.  The result is excellent adhesion to the chain and resistance to flinging off the chain.
The ideal component selection for the manufacturing process is taken care of at Q8Oils own extensive Research & Development facility in Rotterdam.  The result is a chain lube with excellent elastomer compatibility for use with O-ring type chains, providing protection against corrosion under all weather conditions.  It is also resistant to high temperatures and pressures, preventing wear and thus extending effective chain life.
Q8Oils Chain Lube is available in a 400ml aerosol and sells in the shops for ¬£7.99 inc. VAT.  For details of stockists please contact: marketing@Q8Oils.com

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