15,212 MPG!!!
June 29 2005.
The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETH Zurich - has set a new world record for fuel efficiency. The world record-holding PAC Car operates on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. Using the lower heating values of hydrogen and gasoline as a conversion basis, this world record now stands at 5385 kilometres per litre of gasoline.
ETH Zurich set itself the goal to construct a vehicle that used as little fuel as possible and provide the highest possible fuel efficiency. PAC Car has an optimized fuel cell system that produces electrical energy from hydrogen and drives two high-efficiency electric motors. The only "emission" from PAC Car is pure water. The car weighs in at less than 30 kilograms. It achieved the top result at the Shell Eco-marathon on the Michelin proving grounds at Ladoux, France on June 24 to June 26, 2005. The vehicle used only 1.02 grams of hydrogen to drive the distance of 20.68 km at an average speed of 30 km/h. This converts to about 5385 kilometres per litre of gasoline (15,212 mpg), a new world record in minimal fuel consumption. This means that PAC Car would only use the energy stored in about eight litres of gasoline to drive around the globe.
"Universities from all over Europe participated in this competition," said Professor Lino Guzzella. "We are extremely proud of the ETH students' accomplishment. Built specifically for competition, PAC Car demonstrates the range of possibility in automotive efficiency in the future."

Source - Business Wire