December 13 2010.

Following in the highly successful footsteps of the Michelin Enduro Comp IV front tyre, Michelin has launched the new 90/90-21 Enduro Comp V.

Designed to be more race oriented, the new tyre has been developed over the past three years by Michelin's top riders and teams in the Enduro World Championship and features a more aggressive tread design than the Enduro Comp IV - which will continue to be available alongside the Enduro Comp MS.

Thanks to a significant reshaping of the intermediate tread blocks, the Enduro V tread pattern provides better manoeuvrability.

The slim profile of the tread blocks offers better grip in soft ground and reduces the chances of the tyre blocking up or packing with dirt. It also provides improved tyre behaviour in sandy soil and it is much less sensitive in ruts. In addition, by strengthening the base of the blocks the sculpture is stiffened and this improves the performance of the tyre on hard ground.

The new Enduro Comp V is the first Michelin off-road tyre with polyester casing plies. Due to its level of stiffness, polyester allows significant weight savings. Compared to the 3 nylon plies in the Enduro Comp IV, the Comp V contains only 2 polyester plies, which leads to a reduction in casing weight of approximately 100g (about 3%) with no reduction in damage resistance

The new tread rubber used for the Enduro Comp V tyre improves grip on dry ground and is less sensitive to wear and tear. Furthermore, this new rubber compound gives the tyre improved shock absorption characteristics in bumpy conditions.

This improvement in shock absorption will directly enhance the lifespan of a Bib Mousse mounted with an Enduro Comp V because the tyre absorbs more of the energy generated when passing over obstacles, thus reducing the heat generated in the Bib Mousse. The increased lifespan of a Bib Mousse mounted with the new Enduro Comp V tyre is around15 to 20% more than the same Bib Mousse mounted in an Enduro Comp IV used in the same conditions.

The new Michelin Enduro Comp V will be available through Michelin off-road dealers from January 2011.