June 3 2004. Harglo-Performance will be stocking engine & carburetor parts for Italjet scooters from July.

Following the chequered history of Italjet distribution in the UK, there will be significant demand from both trade & public and advanced orders are welcome.

Although bodywork & cycle parts are no longer available, Harglo are confident that they can supply everything necessary to get the motor running. Customers will be reassured to learn that Harglo have been UK distributors for the Franco-Morini engines which were fitted to most popular Italjet models, (and the majority of European -made junior motorcycles too), for nearly 30 years. The only model not covered will be the Dragster 180, which was fitted with a Gilera engine.

Harglo's experienced staff will be able to help trade callers with enquiries concerning engine & carburretor parts for Italjet scooters such as the 50cc retro-styled Velocifero, both air & liquid cooled Formula 50 and even the 125cc twin cylinder Formula 125.

Call Harglo-Performance on 01386 701162 or visit