February 21 2008.

Carole Nash has increased the fee it pays to dealers for every successfully converted motorcycle road insurance referral to a market-leading £55 - a 175 per cent increase on its previous rate.

The UK's largest motorcycle insurance specialist unveiled the new referral fee at Motorcycle Expo 2008 where it also stressed the increase is being funded by the company rather than by loading of its customers' premiums and charges. The move is significant given that it has some 3,000 dealers signed up to the Carole Nash Dealer Scheme which generates a conversion rate of around 40 percent and sees around 10,000 referral fees paid annually.

Mark Slade, who heads up the company's Dealer Scheme, commented: "We are constantly evaluating our scheme to ensure it offers the best support and incentive to dealers and saw that by playing with some numbers internally we could significantly increase our referral fee. This will be particularly welcome to dealers who know that, as we are UK market leader enjoying a tremendous reputation among the biking community, they can deliver referrals in volume and we can deliver impressive conversion rates."

Dealers signing up to the scheme receive a free dealer pack containing point-of-sale materials, including referral cards with unique dealer identity references to provide a referral audit trail. A new range of merchandise, created following consultation with dealers is also offered. Items available free to dealers include reusable bike wobblers, mouse mats, desk pads, mugs, coasters and pens.

Carole Nash also used Expo to relaunch its dealer awards. In addition to its Dealer of the Month presentations the company will now offer Dealer of the Quarter awards with winners able to select their own prize from a menu that includes Playstation 3's, High Street vouchers, theatre and concert tickets. Alternatively they can request a prize of their own choice, subject to Carole Nash's approval. Quarterly winners will then battle for the Dealer of The Year title which is announced annually at Expo.

For further details of the Carole Nash Dealer Scheme, awards and the company's range of motor trade policies call free on 0800 804 7963.