January 5 2011.

Above: Yamaha's new PTW Divisional Manager Adam Kelley.

Yamaha is celebrating its second consecutive year at the top of the sales charts and with a change in the management structure is aiming for the hat-trick by maintaining its position in 2011.

As reported last month, Yamaha UK's Managing Director Andy Smith has been promoted to Vice President Sales and Marketing Operations at Yamaha Europe based in Amsterdam. Andy aims to be spending four days a week on the European job and then one day a week supporting the UK operation back at Brooklands.

Moving up to PTW Divisional Manager is Adam Kelley, who has worked his way through the ranks over a ten year period, starting out as Area Sales Manager for the South West.

In fact, Adam's industry heritage goes back further than that, from working in the local bike shop down in Newton Abbott after leaving college and surviving a number of takeovers to become a Branch Manager for the Motorcycle City Group. Throughout that period, Yamaha was always his focus so when the South West ASM opportunity arose it was an easy decision to go for it.

Over the following years Adam's area spread to cover the South East and London, then back to the South West again before taking the step up to National Sales Manager two years ago.

The new National Sales Manager is Stuart Swaby who has been Sales Manager with the Yamaha marine division for two years.

The ASM team remains the same with Zoe Tetlow covering London and the South East, Symon Charles covering Wales and the South West, Martin Wood covering the North and Scotland and Paul Cross covering the Midlands.

"We aren't going to be making any changes to the way we are operating now," says Adam. "Why change a successful formula?

Yamaha's dual level dealer network is working well for everyone it seems. The growing band of Lightweight Dealers are able to stock all motorcycles up to 125cc and all scooter models and these are mostly new dealers you have previously held European or smaller franchises. There are currently 26 Lightweight Dealers and 117 Full Line Dealers and there are no plans to cut the network.

"We can expect some dealers to move from one group to the other over a period of time, but we certainly aren't looking to cut the network, as we are still looking at ways of increasing the market and our share of it," explains Adam.

Yamaha has also moved away from the big, flash dealer conferences of the past and last year held seven regional dealer meetings with open discussion in small groups.

"This type of meeting is far more personal and helps us to build a strong relationship with our dealers," explains Adam. "We also engage the dealers in a Best Practices Programme where the dealers share promotional and marketing ideas directly and through their ASMs. We have even taken some of these ideas to Yamaha Europe for dealers in other countries to consider and try."

So moving ahead into 2011, can Yamaha maintain the number one spot?

"We will continue to work with our dealers and we believe we have the product range, the enthusiasm and the ability to maintain our lead in the market," proclaims a confident Adam Kelley.