January 10 2011.

Michelin will bring to market two new motorcycle tyres designed for road use this month. The new Pilot Road 3 range will target users of sport touring bikes while a new version of the Power Pure sports tire will be added to the current lineup.

Spearheading the sport touring lineup, the Pilot Road 3 was designed to deliver superior grip in all conditions of use - whether on wet or damp - as well as outstanding total mileage. The tyre reflects Michelin's across-the-board R&D strategy of improving individual tyre performance characteristics without sacrificing others. In this instance, Michelin Technology Center engineers developed X Sipe Technology (XST), which integrates unique dual-action sipes into the tread. The sipe ribs first cut through the surface of the water, which is then evacuated faster and more effectively toward the outside of the tyre through wide grooves.

In addition to its grip, the Pilot Road 3 also offers improved longevity by combining the XST technology and the tyre maker's latest-generation dual compound tread, called Michelin 2CT.

Nine sizes of the tyre will be available in January 2011, with seven others to be introduced
between February and August.