February 29 2008.

The new chain spray from Sdoc100 offers riders a double bonus - not only does its special lubrication additives ensure increased protection with up to twice the operational performance of the chain, but it also offers increased lubrication intervals too. Germany's leading manufacturer has responded to consumer surveys by developing a chain spray with extreme adhesion properties, so that it is practically impossible to spin off.

With no spin-off and excellent creep properties the distinctive Sdoc100 White Chain Spray gets the lubricant where it is needed most and protects vulnerable 0/X/Z rings, keeping them supple and fully functioning. It has six key benefits:

1. Excellent penetration - Up to twice the chain life

2. Extreme adhesion - Practically impossible to throw off

3. Highly resistant against washing off (driving through rain, washing etc).

4. Up to double the lubrication intervals

5. Effectively protects against rust.

6. Optimum lubricating properties from -30 °C to +110 °C

Sdoc100 White Chain Spray was the winner of the German Motorrad Magazine's test for "Best value in fling-off, wear & corrosion protection."

The price for a 300ml spray is £7.99 including VAT and there is also a handy 75ml size spay that is easier to carry around and can be refilled using the 300 ml version, priced at £4.00 including VAT.

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