January 26 2011.

Save a tyre, save the planet, pocket some profit!

RS Workshop Equipment used the recent motorcycle trade show at the NEC to launch a revolutionary new product and a first in terms of motorcycle workshop tooling.

The Tyresaver 3.0 is a nitrogen tyre inflation tool that could see dealers' workshops and service centres reaping a rapid return on capital investment as well as offering an increased level of service to its environmentally-conscious customers.

The use of nitrogen to inflate tyres is already big business in the car and truck industry, but until now an affordable and appropriate tool hasn't been available to allow motorcycle outlets to offer the same service for bikes. Whilst bike-specific, the Tyresaver 3.0 isn't restricted to filling two wheels, it can also be used to inflate the tyres of cars, vans, ATVs and trailers to widen the retailer's sales opportunities.

Nitrogen has many benefits over that of air inflation such as better tyre wear with no spot wearing thanks to tyre uniformity, static tyre temperature, no leakage and the inside of the rim won't corrode. In addition to a high sales potential and profit margin, this new gadget from RS is greener with reduced CO2, mobile, lightweight and easy to store and once the job's completed, the fitment of a lime green dust cap tells the world that nitrogen is used.

The guys at RS have calculated the number of average tyre fills per cartridge to be 6000 and that by charging a minimal fee for the service it will take just 271 fills for the trader to have covered the initial outlay and start earning money. The stats are impressive and the product is available now.

The complete Tyresaver 3.0 kit including the nitrogen cartridge is £650 plus VAT. Replacement cartridges are £325 plus VAT. 

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