January 31 2011.

Motor trade recruiter Motorecruit and automotive training and coaching specialist AmKon Training Services have teamed up to provide a highly innovative full circle recruitment and coaching service which not only provides motor trade employers with the strongest candidates, but also maximizes new employee performance by individually supporting, training and coaching throughout the initial 4 months in position.

Darren Legg, Motorecruit's managing director says: "Within our busy and competitive sector it is often difficult for managers to find, or justify, the time and resources to recruit effectively. In our modern web-enabled business world many vacancies can generate vast numbers of applicants which all need to be assessed and of course managed professionally, whether they are suitable or not. Additionally these applicants in turn can create many interviews which need to be factored into busy diaries. And once the new employee is on board it is often even more difficult for businesses, particularly smaller companies, to implement a structured coaching or training programme beyond the basic induction."

Elly Ambrose of Amkon Training Services adds: "With the Full Circle Recruitment service employers and employees jointly benefit from our new approach in many ways. We ensure that throughout the extensive selection and testing process every candidate is looked after professionally and courteously and feedback is provided openly throughout. At the same time employers can feel confident that before candidates make it to the shortlisting stage and on to their desks they have been interviewed, assessed and profiled to an advanced level.

"Following the employer's internal interview and selection processes a bespoke coaching strategy will commence which reflects the elements highlighted during selection and profiling as well as employers' feedback, opinions and needs thereby promoting every new employee's potential within their new position."

Together Motorecruit and Amkon Training Services can maximize the return on time and expense invested by employers and candidates alike. And collectively they can ensure that costly recruitment mistakes are minimized and that vitally, the business is promoted within the industry as an employer of choice.

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