February 3 2011.

R&G Racing has released a range of crash protection along with a Radiator Guard, Tail Tidy and Shocktube for both the new Kawasaki ZX-10R and Z1000SX.

The British firm, the only crash protection manufacturer whose products qualify for insurance discounts, has worked fast on two of this year's most exciting bikes to be first for protection with its Aero Crash Protectors, Engine Case Covers, Bar End Sliders, Fork Protectors, Spindle Sliders, Frame Plugs and Tail Tidy.

With the new Ninja and sports tourer having only just reached the showrooms, R&G can offer world-leading protection and reassurance to owners; starting with its Aero Crash Protectors - the tear drop-shaped bungs require no modifications to the fairing and attach to the engine mounting points.

Crafted from high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), the award-winning bobbins are designed to wear and not shatter in the event of a crash, whilst reducing the amount of contact points the bike could make if it fell. R&G also utilises a particular grade of steel bolts that help absorb an impact by bending, rather than snap or twist its mounting point on the bike.

For the 998cc and 1043cc inline-four engines, R&G offers hard-wearing Engine Case Covers that bolt on top of the existing clutch, generator and starter gear covers. These 'second skins' for the engine are made from a specially-developed Polypropylene and require no modification to any of the standard parts or draining any of the bike's fluids to fit, all without affecting ground clearance.

Elsewhere on the green machines, R&G offers Bar End Sliders to help prevent the tank and bar-mounted levers from making contact with the ground while Fork Protectors perform a similar job for the brakes and suspension.

R&G provides a replacement Tail Tidy for the Z1000SX (ZX-10R coming soon) to substitute the chunky standard hanger. The lightweight, powder coated aluminium unit allows the seat unit to appear sharp as Kawasaki's designers intended and features an integral LED number plate light and retains the original indicators (mini indicators also available).

R&G Racing Kawasaki ZX-10R & Z1000SX Range

Aero Crash protectors £67.99 (white or black)
Bar End Sliders £25.99
Cotton Reels £25.49
Offset Cotton Reels £49.99
Engine Case Cover (left side generator cover) £56.99
Engine Case Cover (right side clutch cover) £66.99
Engine Case Cover (right side starter/idle gear cover) £45.99
Exhaust Hanger/Rear Footrest Blanking Plate £TBC
Fork Protectors £30.99
Frame Plugs (each) £13.99
Mirror Blanking Plates £TBC
Radiator Guard £66.99 Downpipe Grill TBC
Shocktube £25.49
Tail Tidy £89.99 (estimated)

Aero Crash protectors £199.99 (spans two engine mounts)
Bar End Sliders £25.99
Engine Case Cover (each) £66.99
Fork Protectors £30.99
Frame Plugs (each) £13.99
Radiator Guard £66.99
Rear Spindle Sliders £60.99
Shocktube £25.49
Tail Tidy £71.99

For more information on R&G Racing products visit www.rg-racing.com