March 23 2006.

Acumen has introduced a device that is popular with riders in the USA because it helps reduce rear end collisions.  It achieves this by drawing the attention of following traffic to the brake light more effectively than a normal brake light signal.
Research by Mercedes-Benz engineers showed that the reaction times of following drivers are shortened by up to 0.2 seconds if a flashing red warning signal is used during emergency braking, instead of a conventional brake light. At 62mph this reduced the stopping distance of the vehicle behind by no less than 5.5 metres.  Mercedes were so impressed that this technology will be standard on their new S-Class models in the future.
Called the Pulsar, this new device modulates the intensity of the brake light in a gradually decaying pattern over a few seconds, creating a flashing effect. In addition to providing the modulating stop light the Pulsar also provides a brake lamp failure warning via an LED indicator on the instrument panel. If the LED stays on after the brakes are applied for the first time, the brake light has failed.  The LED will flash on for 20 seconds after the brakes are applied if the bulb fails when the motorcycle is being ridden. On machines where the stop signal is provided by a single bulb this feature could be a lifesaver.
The Acumen Pulsar is produced in 3 options; (1) Incandescent single 21W brake bulb, (2) Incandescent twin 21W brake bulb and (3) LED brake lamp. All options retail at £60.00 inc. VAT.

Contact - Tel. 01264 359922 - Web or click on the following link for a demonstration