March 1 2011.

The 3D and is the new GIVI luggage range which includes the TPH01 side bags and the TPH02 saddle bag.

The 3D side bags are made of thermoplastic material using the thermoforming process.

It combines the advantages of a hard bag and the peculiarities of a soft bag.

Another feature of the 3D TPH01 is the organisation of the inside compartments, with a meshed compartment on the lid and X-shaped elastic straps to firmly hold the luggage. Other standard fitments are the bag/frame locking key, a lock to close the two zips which complete the locking of the fitting system.

Each bag has a 15-litre internal volume. Sizes are: length 450mm, width 220mm, height 290mm.

The TPH01 are the first bags to integrate the EASYLOCK fitting system, which allows the rider to fasten/unfasten them in just a few seconds. The bags are key-locked to the dedicated metal frames, characterized by a TE mark and made of a 10 mm diameter tube; sturdy but light enough so as not to bother the purist riders who do not want to change the look of their bike The list of bikes for which this TE frame is already available can be found on the GIVI website

TPH02 is a compact tank bag  that will be appreciated by urban riders and owners of naked and sports bikes.

The lid has a compartment for a Smartphone with navigation features. This bag is part of the 3D range and is recognizable by its pre-formed structure and its streamlined shape.

The TPH02 inside compartments include a navigator/Smartphone pocket with transparent cover, a coins and a glasses holder. 

THE "TANKLOCK" FITTING SYSTEM used on the TPH02 is a rapid fastening made of two elements: an adaptor at the bottom of the bag and a flange, to be fitted on the tank cap. It can be attached by pressing lightly until you hear the "click". To release the bag, you can just pull the red lever located in the flange base. Flanges are sold separately and must be compatible with the bike. At present the available flanges are : BF01-BF02-BF03-BF04-BF05 - compatible Aprilia - Cagiva - Honda - Kawasaky - MV - Suzuki - Triumph - Yamaha.

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