March 1 2011.

Johnson Controls has substantially expanded the range of VARTA Funstart Freshpack, AGM and Gel bike batteries available in the UK aftermarket.

The introduction of 17 new batteries, including three new AGM technology products, means that VARTA bike battery dealers can now offer the best replacement battery solution for virtually any Japanese, European and US applicaton from a total range now extended to 65 products.

Designed for extreme conditions, the AGM batteries in the extended range are spill and leak proof at angles up to 45 degrees and resistant to vibration and deep cycling. They provide riders with maximum power over extremely long periods with no loss of performance.

They also offer a long service life, low self-discharging and are completely maintenance free once commissioned. For ultimate convenience the battery is supplied to the consumer with an acid pack and improved, user-friendly instructions for quick, safe and easy filling when the battery is required for use.

The batteries in VARTA's 2 for 1 FreshPack range are also easy to commission by the biker and provide above average starting power in all weathers, plus a good level of vibration resistance.

VARTA has a wide network of stockists throughout the UK. Many retailers will be promoting the new VARTA FreshPack range this coming season. UK-based Johnson Controls Batteries is providing strong marketing support with an improved motorcycle battery catalogue, a CD containing advertising templates, product images and banner ads for online use, plus a technical training video, window stickers and eye-catching counter-top and free-standing displays. 

Contact: Johnson Controls Batteries Ltd
Tel: 01753 480610